NYT: Hunting with Atlatls

Cory here.  Go read this story in the U.S. section of The New York Times today about hunting with the atlatl.

Brief interviews therein with Arron Hendershott (Missouri Deparment of Conservation), Ron Mertz (Missouri Atlatl Association), John Whittaker (anthropologist at Grinnell College), Gene Morris (museum curator in Alabama), and Ray Madden (somehow killed a squirrel with an atlatl) target the issues of hunting with the atlatl and the possible heritage of spear dart throwing.  We’ve pondered atlatl hunting on this blog before.  Funny headline too.  I’m not sure what “heritage” there is to atlatlism either.  But, sadly, Malcolm Gay didn’t provide much description of atlatling as a sport of accuracy or sculpting craft. Those are the biggies for us, at least.

Oh well, maybe next time!  Dear pioneers of journalism — we’re happy to provide high-resolution images and rambling interviews.  Just let us know.