Glue for Wood Atlatls and Bamboo Darts

photo from flickr user iamsalad -- thanks!

I use PC-7 glue to make my wood atlatls and bamboo or river cane darts. It helps to attach parts that need to be flexible … but eternally united — like where the handle of my atlatl meets its shaft or where the point of my dart meets its shaft.

PC-7 looks dark grey/green when it sets.  It comes in two cans; mix the two together on a piece of cardboard in equal amounts with a pop-sickle stick flatened at one end. You will need a roll of paper towels handy. The glue is a fudge consistency and does not run or shrink or expand. Dries hard but can be rasped and sanded like wood after it dries. Takes 12 hours to cure. If you come back to it after six hours it is firm enough (like rubber) to cut with a knife or have the excess removed with a scrapper.

I also use strips of duct tape to hold pieces of glued wood together until they are dried, rather than clamps. The roll of duct tape is 1/2 inches wide but you can tear 1/2 inch wide strips off easily enough.

I use the glue on both atlatls and darts…

If you look at my darts, you can see I use string covered with PC-7 glue to firm up the point attachment to the foreshaft, and the again at the receiving end of the dart where the foreshaft enters the dart, and at the end of the dart where spur of atlatl meets dart. Just wrap a strip of duct tape around the shaft where you want the glue to stop. Put the glue on, wrap the string around the glue, then using a folded paper towel, spin the glued shaft lightly into the paper towel to smooth everything up and remove the excess wet glue. PC-7 is absolutely waterproof and dries strong as a rock. Its like putting a cast on a broken arm.