Doug Bassett’s 98XXXX ISAC

Recently, Doug Bassett of New York State, scored a 98XXXX in an ISAC contest (International Standard Accuracy Competition) which is a World Atlatl Association contest in which each atlatlist throws a dart 5 times from 15 meters and 5 times from 20 meters at a target about 4 feet in diameter, numbered 6 to 10X from the outside in. This is done in round robin fashion in which he/she who throws first next throws last, rotating back to first after each thrower has a chance of throwing first. Basically, every throw is a cold throw, just as it would be in a hunting situation. The maximum possible score is 100 with 10 x’s. Since this contest started in 1996, no one has ever scored higher than 98. No one has ever thrown a perfect 100, x’s or no x’s.

The X ring is inside the 10 ring and is about 3 inches in diameter. At 15 or 20 meters it presents an extremely small target. The X ring is suppose to provide for tie breaking, but mostly, it serves as bragging rights, and anyone who gets more than 3 X’s in a contest, regardless of total score, has a lot to brag about.

In the download below, Doug tells his own story about what it was like, dart by dart, stepping up to the throwing line, trying to rid the mind of all the distractions and cobwebs, and gather the concentration needed to put all the many technical steps of the throwing motion together to get that dart to the center of the target. This good atlatl and dart education. Enjoy.

Download Doug’s Story Here