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Hi, I’m Ray Strischek. I make atlatls and darts.

ray strischek atlatl dart etsy shop

And I sell those atlatls and darts that I craft year after year over at my page on Etsy is a secure marketplace website for people who make things. It’s a bit like eBay without the timed auction setup … So, as long as you see the products available, you can buy them from me through the Etsy interface.

If you have any questions about me, atlatls, darts, or atlatling in general, please contact me by phone at (740) 592 – 3465 (Monday – Friday, 6pm – 10pm, Eastern Time) or contact me at the email address on my card. Sorry, I can’t publish my email address online. But if you really want it, give me a call and I’ll provide it over the phone.

Thanks for looking and keep in touch.

– Ray Strischek